The loudest part is cutting but I enjoy not having to wear hearing protection when setting up. Push the X/Z Carriage (with Compact Router installed) all the way to the right (away from the Controller Box). Back to home page Return to top. Sweepy 65 is included with all new Shapeoko machines. Get the professional power you need with DEWALT wood routers. Carbide3D / Shapeoko (Carbide3D is the company and Shapeoko is their product) absolutely rocked the Customer Satisfaction scores for two years running in our CNC Router Survey., [1], … here’s my post about it on the carbide 3D forum. 2x Collet 4mm for CNC Router Xcarve Shapeoko DWP611 DCW600 / Porter Cable. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Water cooled spindle! The Carbide3D Compact Router for Shapeoko is trim router packaged for use with CNC machines. I used 16 AWG speaker wire to power my spindle and i ran the wire through the drag chain. Discussion of accuracy:, Successful upgrade noting the need of shielding:, Thingiverse: Shapeoko 3 spindle mount for DeWalt DWE6421 sander [28],, Differences between the Makita and Carbide Compact Router,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Silhouette craft cutter: GPGL Reference, Courtesy of Graphtec,,,, Thingiverse: Remix Drag knife for CNC - shapeoko by Rogoz, holder for Roland vinyl cutting knife on Thingiverse,,,, Excel spreadsheets to add corner overcuts, Custom cardboard box generator spreadsheets,,,,,, MPCNC 2826 Brushless RC Motor Foam Cutter,, First test of my ShapeOko pick and place prototype, Pick and Place second test - feeder advance,,,,, Thingiverse: Shapeoko 3 spindle mount for DeWalt DWE6421 sander,, Dewalt has finer-grained speed control, Makita lower and higher range of possible speeds (the lower speeds are especially useful on plastics and wood), Dewalt has a longer collet clamping area and collet with a greater number of slots which affords multiple precision collet options (standard ones as well as the ER-style collets from Precise Bits), Makita has a single source for a large variety of sizes of precision collets (the Carbide 3D 1/8" and 1/4" precision collets for the Carbide Compact Router will fit) and an option for a 3/8" collet (larger than the 5/16" or 8mm the DeWalt collets top out at), Dewalt has a plastic button on the Body, which limits Z plane positioning inside the mount, Makita has a more Robust Tool changing mechanism, with a cylinder push lock below the shaft, which will allow more mounting options in the Z plane, Dewalt has a longer body and can be mounted so as to reach lower, Makita brush life longer and replacements less expensive and easier to change, CCR has specific detents in-between the numeric speed settings, the Makita has a continuous dial, Makita has accessories intended for hand use which are not included with the CCR (but would fit it).

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