Using a back to wall unit can make things a bit more straightforward when installing your toilet. If you want the ultimate sleek and minimalist look, you can install your toilet against the wall, so the cistern is completely hidden away inside. A back to wall toilet, is very different to a traditional toilet, with the cistern hidden away, either in a unit or within the wall itself. Choosing your new toilet can be difficult. When installing a back to wall toilet, it’s important to bear in mind that it is not as straightforward to fit compared to a close coupled toilet. + £20 off your first order. The easy step by step guide to installing a freestanding bath with surround panel. You can buy a back to wall toilet and unit that are already combined, we offer these in … By submitting your email address, you are agreeing to receive marketing emails from You could also take a look at our other product ranges, including wall hung toilets and close coupled toilets. I have read and agree to your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Terms & Conditions | Wall-mount toilets, commonly used in Europe, use less floor space than traditional floor-mounted toilets. Quick fixes for wheelchair accessible bathrooms. How to install a back-to-wall toilet onto a toilet unit. Do you need to learn how to install a bath tap? Mode also offers a wide range of back to wall toilets. After the wall hung toilet is placed onto position you will need to place the tank onto the bowl. Our professional tutorial video guides you through each step, and provide expert insight along the way. Some models go as low as 10 inches and others as high as 14 inches. Learn how to fix a dripping tap, once and for all! | 2 years ago. Please note, this video is for guidance only – make sure to follow the specific instructions supplied with your product. Check out Mode Bathrooms for more contemporary toilet options. Learn how to drill into tiles – the right way! Learn how to install a close-coupled toilet in your bathroom with our simple video guide. All toilets have to connect to a sewer line to dispose of waste. All rights reserved. Please note, it’s also important to consult the specific instructions supplied with your product. Video showing how to install a freestanding bath with a surround panel. Learn a simple technique that can be applied to fitting a whole range of bathroom accessories – after all, it’s the finishing touches that make the biggest difference. Take a look at our guide for installing a toilet seat to get ideas for the best toilet seat for your bathroom. When installing your back to wall toilet you can fit it with a back to wall unit. (The screw fittings need to be cut down to size so that pan connector is fixed in the vertical position.) Please keep in mind that this video is for guidance only, and you should always consult the instructions that are supplied with your specific product. See instructions, tips and hints and roll up your sleeves for a bit of bathroom DIY! Tradespeople are allowed to continue working in your home as normal. Place plastic fixing blocks on marked points so the block will touch the inner edge of the pan (see fig 5). Whichever one works best for you can be down to the design of your bathroom as well as your own taste. The Wye back to wall toilet from Orchard Bathrooms features a contemporary, square shape. How much does it cost to install a shower enclosure? The Tate back to wall toilet comes with a soft close seat and can be used with or without a unit. The concealed cistern is installed within the unit, eliminating the need for setting it in the wall behind the toilet. The typical back-to-wall toilet works in most design schemes, whether you’re going for traditional or contemporary, as the cistern is hidden. Shows how to turn the water off, remove the on / off controls, and how to replace the thermostatic cartridge. Then measure from the ground up to the centre of the tap (y). Please note, while this video offers useful guidance, it’s also important to follow the specific instructions supplied with your product. Follow us on social media for the latest news, offers and competitions. Registered office Witan Gate House, 500-600 Witan Gate,Milton Keynes, England, MK9 1BA, Registered in England and Wales Company registration number 12095209 VAT no. Hit ‘play’ to learn how to perfect those all-important finishing touches in your design scheme. How much does it cost to install bathroom furniture? Please note, it’s important to follow any guidelines that are supplied with your product, alongside this video. Watch the video for general instructions, tips and hints. Bathstore uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Your Shopping list is loading, this shouldn't take long. We will show you how to install a basin with a floor standing pedestal. In this article, the pros and cons of a back to wall toilet are discussed with the aim of providing the facts to assist in a knowledgeable decision to install a back to wall toilet. GB233112755. Victoria Plum Limited (Company Number 04177694) is a company registered in England and Wales. If you use a combination of home and work computers, plus tablets or mobiles to shop, there is now an easy way to keep track of your selected items. The great thing about having a back to wall toilet and unit is that you can match it with other items of bathroom furniture to create a beautiful and harmonious look. Wall-mounted, floating toilets are amazing! Please note, this video is for guidance only. Wall Hung Toilets: Awesome, But Expensive. Learn how to fit a towel ring to your bathroom wall! Every unit in the range at comes in a finish that can be matched with products from our bathroom furniture ranges, making it easy for you to create a stunning bathroom. Your basket is loading, this shouldn't take long. Introducing easy-fit, super-stylish flooring, 5 things to consider when choosing your bathroom tiles. connector back to the wall using the screw fitting and collar. Forceful flushing can cause some of the water to cross through the double tee and travel into the waste line of the toilet installed directly behind the toilet being flushed. Here’s a quick and simple video guide to teach you how to replace a toilet seat. The Eden back to wall toilet (pictured above) has an elegant modern shape, perfect for a stylish ensuite. Always follow the specific instructions supplied with your product. Our video guide walks you through the DIY steps needed, complete with general mounting instructions and useful tips and hints. To finish, reconnect the water supply and caulk the base of the toilet to seal it. Installing a Back to Wall or Wall Hung Toilet. Back outlet toilets connect to a plumbing "rough-in" positioned on a bathroom wall rather than on the floor. Homebase Rooms LTD trading as Bathstore. It’s really that good. Copyright Bathstore, 2020. Mark drill holes on floor, remove blocks and drill Ø10mm holes. You can see the different ways a back to wall toilet can be installed in the section above, and whilst using a unit is more straightforward, it’s always best to employ a professional plumber unless you are very confident you can do the job yourself. back to wall) unit. This will complement the rest of your bathroom appliances and furniture. Flat pack furniture doesn’t have to be a nightmare, with our easy video guide. When dealing with a back to wall or wall hung toilet, you must bear in mind that they are not as simple as a standard toilet. A born & raised West Countryman, now living on the Yorkshire Coast, for over 7 years Adam has been bringing home interior ideas to life at Victoria Plum. Watch for step-by-step instructions and handy tips about how to replace a broken seat or upgrade the design in your bathroom. Learn how to install a basin tap and change the look and feel of your bathroom. How much does it cost to install a basin? We'll never share your email address and you can unsubscribe at any time. All plumbing will need to be placed in the wall (if you aren’t using a unit), which could possibly mean that pipes will need updating, and any future repairs will be more difficult due to the hard to reach parts. Privacy and Cookies | The bolts slip and tip as you’re straining to align them with the holes in the toilet. How much does it cost to install a bathroom suite? Newer Homes. This will depend on the type of model that you are working with.

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