Everyone is responsible for acting with integrity. A.M. Hol (Universiteit Utrecht), prof. dr. mr. T.F.E. At Tilburg University, this Code is fully in force. He aims to drive exponential growth with the roll out of the next-generation global payroll service. Tilburg University. If employees, students, confidential advisors or other parties involved wish to report suspicions of misconducts at Tilburg University which put a major social interest at stake, there is a clear procedure for doing so. If you experience certain behavior as disturbing, this is every reason to term it unacceptable behavior. HR and Payroll processes SAP HCM Payroll. Our Code of Conduct makes the values and standards at our university explicit and describes the requirements regarding personal conduct of employees and students. The Managing Director or the Dean makes a decision regarding the permission and the possible conditions. Bekijk het volledige profiel op LinkedIn om de connecties van Pam en vacatures bij vergelijkbare bedrijven te zien. HR/Payroll Specialist at Piraeus Port Authority (PPA-COSCO Shipping) Athens Metropolitan Area 500+ connections. The Student Desk is currently closed. WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management. Serena Wang. HR Administration & Payroll Specialist Philips september 2017 – april 2018 8 maanden. Pages 32. The members of the Research Integrity Committee come from all faculties of Tilburg University. Report this profile About Enthusiastic client service professional with experience working as an HR/Payroll Specialist liaison between clients/employees and corporations. All Tilburg University employees and also professors not on payroll (some professors by special appointment) who are appointed by the Executive Board, are obliged to report and ask for permission for their work for third parties in accordance with the Sectoral Scheme Covering Ancillary Activities. Research Integrity Complaints Regulations Tilburg University (version 1 november 2019) regulates the submitting and handling of complaints and aims to lower the threshold for reporting suspicions of research misconduct. University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria Bachelor's degree Political Science and Government. 5037 AB Tilburg, Privacy and security: Carefully handling personal and other data, Code of Good Governance for Universities 2013, Administration and Management Regulations, Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (2018), Netherlands Code of Conduct for Academic Practice (revised in 2014), Research Integrity Complaints Regulations Tilburg University, Tilburg University Scientific Integrity Regulations, Sectoral Scheme Covering Ancillary Activities, Open day and other study orientation activities. The Dutch universities observe rules to prevent any market distortion when they undertake market activities. The Dutch universities observe rules to prevent any market distortion when they undertake marketing activities. A complaint or request is dealt with by the chair and two members. - Financial administration of three private companies - Generating, analyzing and steering on financial figures . The procedure and possible derogations of the Sectorial Scheme by Tilburg University are given below. The fastest way to find an answer to your question is to consult the student portal website or check Ask Student Desk : Visiting address In its education and research programmes the university is committed to addressing important issues in society at national and international level. Do you have a question for our press officers? It is in contact with the Municipal Health Service (GGD) and National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). A second opinion on a decision of the Executive board based on the advice of the Scientific Integrity Committee may be sought from the National Board for Research Integrity (LOWI), an independent advisory body established by KNAW, VSNU and NWO. The Confidential Advisor on Research Integrity, Prof. A.J. The starting gross salary is €2,395 per month (full time) based on scale P of the Collective Labor Agreement Dutch Universities. PwC Société coopérative . 1. is or will become a professor at Tilburg University and has an academic track record in research and education in a discipline relevant to the School; has, in addition to an academic specialization relevant to the disciplines and/or profile of the School, a broad and demonstrable orientation toward the other academic disciplines of the School and University; Even if they do not work for third parties, this must be reported. Download this paper. Commercial activities by persons, businesses and institutions not connected to the university are not permitted. There is an overview of codes of conduct for the universities on the VSNU website. The rules in this Code of Conduct are intended to ensure decency within the organization. What should you do about security and safety? Join to Connect Tilburg University. He aims to drive exponential growth with the roll out of the next-generation global payroll service. Describe how corporations finance their operations and its impact on earnings per share. Problem #1 - Correct A _____ is a form of an interest-bearing note requiring periodic interest payments with the face amount due at the maturity date. Tilburg University Postbus 90153 5000 LE Tilburg The Netherlands This version, I st October I 995 Abstract In this paper, we analyse the usage of labour market programmes using a matching model with three stocks - regular employment, labour market programmes, and unemployment. Tilburg University endorses the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (2018). I hold a Bachelor's degree in International and European Economic Studies from the Athens University of Economics and Business and a Master's degree in Economics from Tilburg University. What do you need to arrange in advance? Activities relating to university elections are subject to specific rules: the House Rules for Promotional Activities - Elections. Research integrity is an essential and integral part of good research practices and is a key element in the education of future generations of researchers. HR & Payroll; Our Experts. We use U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings to provide initial large-sample evidence regarding utilization of corporate tax provisions by U.S. firms under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act … Virág Ágnes art historian at Ludwig Museum. Date Written: June 19, 2020. Others named Virag Agnes. Tilburg University encourages the use of these channels. The employee will then receive a notification of the decision. For PhD candidates starting in 2020-2021 the training is a mandatory part of the Training and Supervision Plan. Tilburg University wants to provide in a save social environment for visitors, students and employees. Graduation Intern at LOGEX Education Tilburg University 2013 — 2015 Master Student, Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, ... Human Resources, Social Media, Operational Planning, Microsoft Excel, Payroll, Job Search Advice, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Coaching, AFAS, Sales. With the assumptions that a welfare safety net must be in place and that pay on labour market programmes … There are different forms of unacceptable behavior: sexual harassment, bullying, aggression and violence and discrimination. Specific rules of conduct are laid down in separate regulations, which are referred to below. The Committee will investigate the complaint and will offer its opinion to the Executive Board. For that, a complaints regulation unacceptable behavior is set, and confindential advisors are appointed on behalve of the first care of persons that are confronted with unacceptable behavior. For practical considerations and transparency, the university considers it desirable that all employees and professors report their ancillary activities upon taking up employment or being appointed by the Executive Board irrespective of the length of the employment/stay. Pam heeft 9 functies op zijn of haar profiel. Virág Ágnes. The Privacy & Security Portal gives you a complete overview of everything you need to know when working with personal data or other data that you need to store securely. Home; Staff; Krista Ruessink Administrative Processes and Systems Officer HR Service Center HR: Human Resources Division HR: HR Service Center K.Ruessink@tilburguniversity.edu Room K 1015 Expertise. Tilburg University has a two-tier governance structure: management and supervision are separate functions. These outside activities are governed by the Ancillary activities Regulations. Candidates from outside the Netherlands may qualify for a tax-free allowance equal to 30% of their taxable salary. Roy heeft 6 functies op zijn of haar profiel. In addition, ancillary activities will be a fixed item in the Result & Development interviews. Bakó Bálint. 5037 AB Tilburg. Free movement gives citizens the right to seek work and to go to work in another Member State. Tjong Tjin Tai (TLS), mr. R.D. ve t note debt Feedback Correct. Tilburg University is closely following the developments concerning the coronavirus and will provide any updates here. Possibly, agreements can already be made whether the work for third parties can be done. To avoid possible negative consequences, the social media guidelines have been drawn up for Tilburg University employees. Virág Ágnes. Tilburg University is rated among the top Dutch employers and has excellent terms of employment. The Treaty of Rome contains several provisions to ensure the free movement (Treaty of Rome in 1957, Article 48-51). Abstract. Marc Rasch is a Transfer Pricing partner at PwC Luxembourg’. 5000 LE Tilburg, Administration, Tuition Fees & Money Matters. This applies to work for third parties that an employee engages in before the commencement of the employment at Tilburg University or prior to the appointment as professor by the Tilburg University Executive Board, to work for third parties engaged in after commencement of employment or after being appointed by the Executive Board, and to possible changes of the existing ancillary activities. Harteman (Legal Affairs, Executive Services), G.E. No experiments involving animals take place at Tilburg University. Tilburg University is closely following the developments concerning the coronavirus and will provide any updates here. Michael is EY Global Payroll Markets & EMEIA Payroll Operate Leader. Unacceptable behavior can cause work or study performance to deteriorate, or can create a hostile, intimidating or unpleasant work or study environment. All Tilburg University researchers are strongly encouraged to complete the online training Research Integrity, which provides insights into responsible and questionable research practices, applicable regulations and information on relevant Tilburg University policies. Budapest. All applications for promotional activities must go through the Facility Service Desk. Furthermore, attention will be paid to this topic regularly in the consultations of organization units and Departments. The regulation also aims to protect the whistleblower the moment they report suspicions of misconducts. de Zeeuw, can be contacted for any concerns and/or complaints about research integrity. Senior consultant Graduated from Fudan University and Leiden University, with legal and HR working experience in both... view profile. The core idea of preserving and providing access to research data is verifiability and, if necessary, re-use / replication. February - April 2010: Satellite Exchange Program - Tilburg University and University of Zagreb. This procedure is described in the Whistleblowers' Regulations. Report this profile About Economist with a deep interest in understanding, addressing and explaining economic phenomena. In the last stage of the selection procedure in which the terms and conditions of employment are agreed upon, supervisors are expected to sound out whether there are ancillary activities about which discussion may arise. Payroll Officer at Bookssorted Contractor Payroll Services Canberra, CT. Feng Li. Tilburg University. Virág Ágnes. This applies to Tilburg University in derogation of Article 7 of the Sectoral Scheme even if the employment or stay is shorter than six months. Join to Connect Piraeus Port Authority-PPA/OLP-COSCO Shipping. Strategic Human Resource Management, Construction and Analysis of Questionnaires, Work, Well-being and Performance, Business Administration, Research in HRS, etc. We are Tilburg University. I joined the firm’s Transfer Pricing group in 2010, and I am in charge of advising clients on any type of Transfer Pricing matters. The Sectoral Scheme Covering Ancillary Activities (July 2017) is part of the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities (CLA) and is a further elaboration of Article 1.14 of the CLA. More information can be found here. New employees have to report whether or not they engage in work for third parties within a month after commencement of their employment in the personnel system via My Employee Portal. Tilburg University endorses the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (2018).This code applies to all research projects and activities started after 1 October, 2018. After the employee reported the ancillary activities in My Employee Portal, a digital workflow will be started in which the HR advisor advises the supervisor and, subsequently, the supervisor advises the Managing Director or the Dean.