Thin the tree in the Summer, and remove excess fruits. The Li Jujube tree has arching branches that produce an abundant crop of sweet, apple-flavored fruits in late September. Lang Jujube tree, Ziziiphus jujuba, 'Lang' tree grows into a tall, narrow, column shape, and the branches and twigs are thornless. Despite the spi... View full details December 31, 2020 - 5:35 am Мапас / Uncategorized / lang jujube tree for sale; lang jujube tree for sale. Self-fruitful. Jujube’s only require 150 chill hours. The Jujube fruit is very tasty and ripens late summer to early fall. Use repellants and bird netting to protect your harvest from other animals. The Lang jujube tree is often selected for drying and is the jujube recognized as Chinese date. Largest of the popular jujube varieties (over 2 inches), round shape. Flowers are small and yellow blooming in June. Skip to main content. ? Call the pros at Ty Ty for any questions regarding purchasing Jujube trees, toll free 888-758-2252. Grown in China for over 4,000 years, jujube has hundreds of … Sign up for our mailing list to receive reminders, tips and sale items, © 2021 Trees of Antiquity ... Average trunk size is 1/2"-5/8". Lang jujube fruit is large, pear-shaped, sweet, crisp and reddish to golden brown. The Lang Jujube is 1 1/2 inches long with a distinct pear shape. Returns/Refunds are subject to a 10% restocking fee. Unlike the Lang, the Li is sweet and tasty when picked while yellowish-green. adroll_pix_id = "5YH5INRZ45CMPC55LNF3CM"; Zone 6-9. Very cold hardy. Mature trees can produce between 40–100 pounds of fruit per season. Large fish hook like thorns. Jujube trees can survive with very little water, however, strategic irrigation can improve fruit set, reduce fruit drop and improve fruit size, yield and quality. Thrives in long, hot Summers. Lang Jujube is a excellent cultivar known for its sweet golden brown fruit, Lang’s crisp and flavorful fruit is delicious eaten fresh, dried, or candied. Low Chill. Lang has a large bell shaped fruit, ripening one month later than Li. Jujube blooms in mid-summer and the fruit ripens in October. Jujubes likes half day to full sun and well-drained soil. It’s also considered as a superfood since jujubes contain a lot of vitamin C. You can grow jujube trees at home, as they have been cultivated for thousands of years. Use organic manure, bone meal, blood meal, and humus based fertilizers. Very low chilling requirement. A jujube tree can grow 15 – 20 feet in height, but you can easily prune to keep it at 8 – 15 feet tall. Jujube trees bear edible fruit which is sweet and is cherry to plum sized. 4-5' Trees. “Delivery” does NOT include planting, and customer must arrange to receive items once offloaded from our truck. Estimated Chilling Requirement 150 hours below 45°F ... dry, wrinkled,sweet and chewy (like dates) when fully ripe in early fall. Plant a jujube tree in the full sun. Shipping Note: Our fruit trees and berries are delivered to you bareroot during their winter dormancy from January through May depending on USDA zone. Call the pros with your questions about Jujube plants toll free 888-758-2252. Changing zip codes may remove or substitute the size of items in your cart. Related Products. Jujube Tree Indian Green Thornless Grafted variety in a 3 Gallon Container. Trees grow to 8-10′ in height. Deciduous attractive tree that is more upright and spreading than the Li Jujube. Lang Jujube Tree. Discontinue watering in the Winter while the tree is dormant. Discontinue water during the Winter while the tree is dormant. Very hardy, drought-resistant, and pest and disease free. Plant trees as close as 8- 10 feet apart, but allow for more space if you intend the tree to grow wider. Most of these are deciduous, falling from the plant inautumn. The leaves are small, dark green, and bi-pinnately compound, so the tree is drought tolerant. The Lang jujube trees are beautiful, no-care ornamental with striking, gnarled, light grey branches when dormant. Add to cart ... Jujube’s are a rare and unique small tree displaying attractive contorted branched, fine lacy foliage, and abundant small, fragrant, white flowers which bloom in mid-summer. Ty Ty Nursery stock 6 different varieties of Jujube trees for the home gardener. Little to no supplemental water is needed in the Winter while the tree is dormant. Get oranges, lemons, limes or grapefruit all In China the jujube fruit is often dried at the stage when sugars and the intensive apple flavor overtones have developed. They require a long hot summer. Horticultural oils such as Neem oil is an organic pesticide that controls tiny, soft bodied insects. The frequency of irrigation and quantity of water mainly depends on the season of the year, soil type, and size/age of the tree. Blooms early summer. In the home orchard, plant trees about 10 feet apart, and trim them to stay between 8 – 15 feet tall. Lang Jujube – Nearly Thornless! A single application of nitrogen prior to the growing season helps with fruit production.. Very low chilling requirement. Catalog contains descriptions of Jujube cultivars: Li, Lang, Sugar Cane, So, … Manure can be applied in cool climates. So don't worry if it takes a while for the tree … Jujube fruits are best eaten after they’ve turned red, but before they wrinkle. Harvest ripe fruit to prevent undesired pests. Shows 30cm wide pot. Jujube’s only require 150 chill hours. Dig a hole that is as deep as the tree’s roots and at least twice as wide. Ripens in early fall, a bit earlier than Li jujube tree,  and can be eaten fresh or dried. Li Jujube Tree; Round shaped fruits are larger than Lang. Reapply with organic high nitrogen (2-1-1) or fertilizers with a 1-1-1 NPK as directed by the label during the Spring and Summer growing season. Trees are shipped with your invoice and helpful planting directions. Small size fruits cover the entire plant by July. Jujube trees are rare and hard to find. Some spines may behooked while others are long daggers. Harvest when fruit reaches size and store indoors. Although dried jujubes are not as sweet as true dates, its sugars do concentrate, and the flavor is very similar. Your Hardiness Zone: SHIPPING & DELIVERY ... Average trunk size is 1/2"-5/8". Reddish brown, dry and wrinkled, sweet and chewy (like dates) when fully ripe in early Fall. (Grafting/Cutting) Most of Paradise Nursery’s edible plants are self-fruitful. ... Lang Jujube Fruit Tree $ 39.95. Fertilize the jujube tree in the Spring with a balanced organic fruit tree fertilizer with a 1-1-1 or a 2-1-1 NPK ratio, such as (5-5-5)or (6-3-3). more info. Unlike all other jujube trees, the Lang is almost thornless. Lang Jujube Tree Quick View $ 95.00 – $ 125.00 The Lang Jujube tree produces small, pear-shaped fruit with reddish-brown skin. The Lang jujube is medium sized and pear-shaped fruit that grows to the size of a quarter coin, and the fruits begin to ripen slowly during July and August intermittently. Plant trees as close as 8- 10 feet apart, but allow for more space if you intend the tree to grow wider. As the growing season commences, each node of a woody branch producesone to ten branchlets. The fruit of this jujube tastes much like a pear and needs another variety for pollination. Prune fruit trees in the Winter to maintain size and shape to prepare for Spring growth. The basics of integrated pest management is cleanliness and the use of a combination of methods. Call the pros with any questions about Jujube … A jujube tree can grow 15 – 20 feet in height, but you can easily prune to keep it at 8 – 15 feet tall. Jujube trees can keep producing in commercial orchards for 50 years or more. Reduce irrigation frequency to 1-2 times per week in the Fall. Related Products. Lang Jujube Zizyphus jujuba . Jujubes are pretty trees with glossy green leaves that turn yellow in the autumn. Enter your shipping zip code to find the hardiness zone and plants best suited for the area. Dried fruits require no preservative, and they last "forever"--I've pressed several growers on this point, and all agree--though humidity in some regions may slow drying and limit the life of dried fruits. Water Requirements: 4-8 gallons per week May through Sept. Honey Jar Jujube $ 59.95. Jujube is a small to medium sized, spreading deciduous tree reaching to a height of about 5-7 meters. A mature jujube tree can have 40 to 100 lb or more of fruit depending on tree size and culture management. This is called fertilizer and it comes in different forms. Cold Hardiness refers to the minimum temperature a plant can tolerate. Trunk Size. The smell is reminiscent of grape soda. Sherwood Jujube is one of the larger jujube trees, growing up to 25 feet tall, but can easily be kept smaller with pruning. It ripens mid-season on a very spiny plant. Lang jujube ... You can let the fruit dry on the tree and eat ... View full details $44.99 Choose options Sold out $49.99 Sugar Cane Jujube As the name suggests, the small to medium-size fruit of this jujube is extremely sweet. Remove any dry twigs and branches. Standard and Semi-Dwarf Form: Our trees are grown in Standard and Semi-Dwarf forms. Do not fertilize in the Fall as this is the time the tree has slowed growth. Chinese date. Pollination Requirements: Lang Jujube is All of our edible plants are either grown from cuttings, budded, or grafted. Foliage:The small, ovate or oval leaves are 1-2 inches long and a shinybright green. Produces heavy crops of large pear shaped fruit. Jujube Tree Care. They require a long hot summer. This way, we can ensure that our plants are high quality and fruit immediately. The tree is deciduous and is grown as an ornamental fruiting tree that can reach 30–40 feet tall (grown on a standard root stock). Trees can become almost 40 feet tall in nature. Pollination Requirement: Requires different variety with same bloom period. You can let the fruit dry on the tree and eat them like dates. Water the jujube tree deep but not too frequently. Branches naturally droop creating a beautiful appearance. Harvest fruit in the Fall. Use a dormant fruit tree spray/horticultural oil in the Winter. size Clear. This fruit tree is shipped dormant and bare-rooted. It is a less care, no spray plant. Hundreds of years ago, the jujube seeds traveled to other continents, and eventually made their way to northern Africa, Russia, the Middle East, southern Europe, and the southwestern United States. Pear-shaped fruits are reddish-brown, dry, wrinkled, sweet and chewy (like dates) when fully ripe in early Fall. Needs to be planted with the Li for maximum sized fruit. $59 + Gift Wrapping. Related Specie: Indian Jujube (Ziziphus mauritiana). The USDA’s Cold Hardiness Zones indicate the average minimum winter temperatures of areas. Flowers:The inconspicuous, 1/5 inch diameter, white to gree… The fruit is distinctly pear shaped. Jujube trees are drought resistant, thorny and virtually pest and disease free. The Lang Jujube tree produces small, pear-shaped fruit with reddish-brown skin. Shows 30cm wide pot. Requires long, hot summer. Reapply growth formula fertilizer in the Summer. Often pollinated with another Jujube variety for more fruit. Mature trees can produce between 40–100 pounds of fruit per season. Called “Chinese Date”, the fruit is very sweet, reddish brown when ripe, 1-1/ Water 2-3 times per week during the hot Summer months. Jujube. $29 Honeycrisp Apple Tree. Dwarf “Local pickup” means the customer will pick up at our nursery. Jujube Propagation. Fruit is incredibly tasty when fully ripe, but not until then. Rhamnaceae Common Names: Jujube, Chinese Date, Tsao. Plant trees as close as 8- 10 feet apart, but allow for more space if you intend the tree to grow wider.