Most of these problems are due to the KOMBI module. We perform Ford instrument cluster repairs, speedometer, and odometer repairs for a wide variety of Ford cars and trucks correcting many different issues. 72 problems related to instrument panel have been reported for the 2003 GMC Yukon. The instrument cluster begins its self-test. Yes, Volkswagen was ahead of there time in 1995 which is the year of the cluster I’m referencing too. The batt light goes on and the entire instrument cluster (spedo fuel turbo temp etc ) shuts off .. when it's off the climate control won't work and the sun roof won't work . (Page 1 of 2) 3 Posts . car idel normally, drives normally. This was almost certainly a solder joint failure on the instrument cluster connector, a common cause of instrument cluster problems. I have 3 issues and all point to the Instrument Cluster or the Body Security Module. In there, at both the top and bottom of the center display are 6 or 7 pins protruding through the cluster… Warranty The dealer replaced the instrument cluster with a new part and they retained the old part. 2003 BMW 325i with complete failure of the instrument cluster. An inoperable instrument cluster is another symptom of a possible issue with the vehicle’s instrument voltage regulator. 22 Posts . Click your make below to see the failures we service for specific models. The cluster is also known as a dashboard from back in the Model T days when it was really a board. It is exactly what I was looking for. These problems can be experienced after jump-starting a dead battery but can also be due to extreme weather or the vehicle's age. I am wondering if anyone here has/had problems with these. Bump to the top and I have the same problem on my 2010 JK. Unfortunately, in order to resolder the connector, the instrument cluster itself must be removed and disassembled. No speedo, no tach, no warning lights, no information lights, none of the turn indicator/light switches and wiper switches were working. Each successive press of the Sel/reset button initiates a new cycling of all the gauges. If the fuse is not the problem, then the next best solution is to simply replace the entire instrument cluster. Ford Instrument Cluster Recall. A: The problem is in the instrument cluster and it is a known problem with 2003 to 2008 Ram pickups. A sender? The internal processor for the instrument cluster controlled everything and also communicates with the powertrain control module via BUS line. It can be dangerous and difficult to drive without a functional instrument cluster. ac working, radio working, check engine light blink couple times ( like normally does). I have already checked the fuses that were suggested as possible culprits. Repair to 2005-2007 Ford super duty F250 F350 F450 F550 instrument clusters. Turns on and off intermittently. The 2004 Chevrolet Silverado has 39 problems reported for instrument cluster not working. Average repair cost is $350 at 87,450 miles. Accidents happen, and even the best cars can have instrument cluster problems. The most recently reported issues are listed below. This requires some care and some know how, which you’ll find in the following instructions. Average repair cost is $220 at 84,400 miles. BMW instrument clusters have several issues ranging from dead pixels problem to gauge not working or the instrument cluster display losing power. Well, this article has gone on about details on what an instrument cluster is. Having an issue with my instrument cluster after 4,000 miles of trouble free ownership. He completly rebuild's/overhaul's your instrument cluster and in my opinion after his rebuilds I never have a problem with them again. It is held in place by a couple of screws, but getting to it can be a challenge because of all of the other dash board parts in your way. If you do not see your particular vehicle listed, please call us at 800-547-2049 to discuss a quote for your cluster. Went to fire it up on Saturday and instrument cluster is inop. That's when the info center rapidly flashed all the warnings then the dash shut off. Replacing the fuse will thus usually remedy the situation. If the instrument cluster on your Chevrolet Blazer is malfunctioning, the most common issue is the instrument cluster fuse. Diagnosing a BMW E46 instrument cluster failure A blown capacitor in your E46 instrument cluster leaves behind some telltale signs. Discussion Starter • #1 • 2 mo ago. Intermittent power loss to the cluster, radio, lights and windows. If the instrument voltage regulator fails completely, power to the cluster will be disabled and it will cease to function. i have 2010 Chevy Malibu 2.4l . This Audi A3 instrument cluster is a very common failure, the most common symptom is an intermittent or complete loss of instruments that also prevents the engine from starting due to the immobiliser system running through the instrument cluster. Unfortunately, while the cluster can be repaired by an experienced professional most mechanics will not be able to fix the cluster for the E-Class. The second more common failure that I see is the processors fail causing the cluster to go crazy. There are no other problems. Until last Wednesday, while driving to lunch, I heard the chime which made me look at the dash. In essence, Cartronix provide a comprehensive service to return your Instrument Cluster to full working order allowing you to return to normality as quickly and as smoothly as possible. The instrument cluster on the W211 E-Class, 2003-2009 are known to fail and can exhibit problems such as the cluster lights going out or burned LEDs. When UpFix repairs yours instrument cluster, we use new parts that are better than the originals. The instrument panel cluster is the collection of gauges sitting behind your steering wheel. It is always better to repair your instrument cluster. Bill. If the problem is a light that doesn't work, you can replace the light. The instrument cluster on the Nissan Frontier is important for determining the speed and fuel level, and any problems on it need to be corrected. To remove the IPC, you will pretty much need to … Please feel free to phone us on 01788 247 470 or email at if you have any questions regarding your dash pod repair service. Inoperable instrument cluster. this morning start the car and instrument panel is dead. The expertise and craft of Cartronix can be described in a variety of ways, from repairing, reconditioning, to re-manufacturing your instrument cluster. Ford instrument cluster problems Instrument cluster problems Edge, Explorer and Lincoln MKX. To end, turn the ignition switch to OFF, or vehicle speed exceeds 1.5 mph. For what its worth, I have been dealing with instrument cluster problems for the past few months and hopefully my experiences can save others from the considerable time and expense I have encountered in slaying this demon as follows: - Instrument cluster experienced sudden failure in June 2010. My problems seemed to start after I removed the instrument cluster to replace a couple of dash light bulbs. I was driving across Texas and I stopped to get fuel, after turning the truck on to get … Since that time I have an intermittent gauge failure. The contact then smelled burning plastic. 2004 6spd Cummins 4wd. I will ask questions about the … Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2003 GMC Yukon based on all problems reported for the 2003 Yukon. If you removed the 15A headlight fuses from the under-hood fuse box in step 1, reinstall them before driving. The van has been awesome since I bought it 2 months ago. The failure mileage was 74,600. Along with it, every Ford owner after reading this would have no problems in resetting the dashboard in … The Chrysler dealer pulled the instrument cluster and discovered that the cluster circuit was burned. 3. Toyota Hilux instrument cluster repair tampered with OTHERWISE WE WILL SEND IT BACK UNTOUCHED AND CHARGE FOR SHIPPING. So I asked about the Cluster Self Test first. If anyone had any doubt regarding what an instrument cluster is, this article has the information to clear it up. I have also just had the same issue with 2012 sportage, started with no instrument cluster, no front daylight driving lights and no heated rear window, these all stopped working just after very heavy rain. The fix to all my problems seems to require a new instrument cluster. (Page 1 of 2) The dealer is telling me that when I get it back the mileage will read 0 but is recommending I find a 'dodgy back street place' who will put in whatever mileage I give them. An electronic instrument cluster is the collection of gauges (a cluster of gauges) that sits behind the steering wheel of a car and comes out as a single pod or module. SRS Service message and complete dashboard failure This Volvo instrument cluster is a very common failure for Volvo models built from 2000 – 2009, the common complaint is that the instrument cluster will fail completely with no lights or working gauges, only the engine management light will remain on. When the cluster was built, the instrument circuit board was allowed to flex because there is a small gap between the circuit board and the housing around it on the side that mounts the tachometer. Ford has issued a service bulletin #13-11-18 to address a problem with the instrument panel cluster display goes blank intermittently on the vehicles listed below. Sometimes the abs light comes on before it shuts off. When you repair your original instrument cluster panel, it will not need to be coded to your vehicle VIN, since it is still the original cluster, and repairs will not change the odometer reading. The 2003 Chevrolet Silverado has 29 problems reported for instrument cluster malfunctioning. This past weekend, I removed the instrument cluster from our CR-V (remove bezel, three Phillips screws, and disconnect wiring connector on back) and removed the cluster's back cover. rpm, speedo, fuel gauge is completely dead. Vehicles I have replaced with new ones have had problems in less than 2 or 3 years but I have vehicles running around with clusters that were rebuilt by him and have been in use for 6-7 years with no problems. See all problems … If your Mercedes speedometer or instrument cluster needs repairs, it’s important to take care of the problem quickly. Discussion Starter • #1 • Mar 21, 2010. Ford Motor Company is issuing a safety compliance recall for approximately 203,500 2014-2015 Transit Connect and Escape vehicles in North America for an issue with the instrument panel cluster.